8 February - 21 May 2006

Felice Varini

Since the 1980s, the work of Felice Varini has involved painting deployed in architectural spaces. For his exhibition at the Musée Bourdelle, Felice Varini produced three new artworks.

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22 September 2005 - 08 January 2006

Didier Vermeiren

The Musée Bourdelle was pleased to host the exhibition of Didier Vermeiren’s latest works, all previously unseen. This exhibition was in the context of a series of invitations to contemporary artists.

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20 January - 15 May 2005

claude rutault

With the exhibition Luciano Fabro, Convivio, opened in June 2004, the Musée Bourdelle inaugurated a series of invitations to contemporary artists of various sensibilities, designed to encourage the public to discover the studio museum and to have a new look at the work of Bourdelle.

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25 June - 31 October 2004

Luciano Fabro

With Luciano Fabro, one of the main representatives of arte povera, the Musée Bourdelle inaugurated a programme of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary artists, designed to encourage a dialogue between a place deeply rooted in history and the art of today.

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