The sculpture studio has surprisingly remained in its original state. The high glass roof, opened to the even, cold northern light, the mezzanine that allows one to look at the works from different angles, and even the walls, in the "colours of the time"...nothing has changed.
The stove, the large wooden table assembled by Bourdelle's father and the tumtables are still in their original positions. The antique style moulds, the Samourai armour and the medieval capital acting as a stand were all part of the artist's environment.

Guarded by the Centaure mourant (Dying Centaur), (1911-1914), a range of works in wood, marble and bronze offers a summary of Bourdelle's studies and shows the diversity of the materiels and techniques he used.

Everything speaks to us eloquently and sensitively of the master's presence. Everything tells of the silence, meditation and labour of this "spiritual home", so near and yet so far from the hustle and bustle of Montparnasse.

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