Antoine Bourdelle acted as an efficient intermediary for his friend Rodin, pointing out objects he might like to acquire, but he also built up his own collection throughout his life, as an art lover. The Bourdelle collection is very diverse and includes drawings and paintings by old and modern masters (Monticelli, Van Gogh, Rodin, etc...), medieval wood sculptures, small antiques, plaster moulds, Japanese prints and modern European engravings and photographs, including many pieces that featured in the artist's studios.
A testimony to the tastes of a period and of a man, part of the Bourdelle collection is now displayed in the "apartment", also known as the "painting studio" at the time of Bourdelle, where he liked to reflect upon his work. It is also a fine example of an insatiable curiosity, which he satisfied during his travels and with the help of dealers he knew.