Rates for museum area hire

Including a tour of the collections and/or current exhibition.
Available from 6 pm to midnight.
Plaster cast room | between 7,000 and 9,000 Euros excluding tax
Covered gallery | 4,500 Euros excluding tax
Portzamparc wing | 11,000 Euros excluding tax

Fashion show
Maximum capacity: 400 people | Rates: please ask

Other rates
Security staff fees | 22 Euros excluding charges, per hour, per person until midnight; 33.60 Euros excluding charges, per hour, per person from midnight to 7 am.

Charges vary from 35.48% to 45.30% | Agents are paid from 6 pm | Any half-hour started is payable.

Security agents are entitled to receive a meal tray.

Insurance coverage (for a reception)
Organiser’s civil liability

For corporal damage | 2 500 000 Euros exc. tax;
For consecutive material and immaterial damages | 765 000 Euros exc. tax;
For theft from the establishment and guests, per claim | 100 000 Euros exc. tax;

The organiser, not the City of Paris, shall be liable for any theft from guests.

Sum insured
“Tenant’s risk” guarantee as a temporary occupant for all damage towards the City of Paris | up to 1,000,000 Euros exc. tax
Legal remedy for neighbours and third parties | 500,000 Euros exc. tax

No excess for all policies.

François Lesueur
Responsable des privatisations d'espaces
Musée Bourdelle
18, rue Antoine Bourdelle - 75015 Paris
T. 00 33 1 84 82 14 33