How can you support the Bourdelle Museum?

Whether you are a company, a foundation or an association, you can support the museum by contributing:
- in-kind patronage (e.g. donation of artwork);
- skills patronage (e.g. creation of the museum logo);
- financial patronage (e.g. financing the restoration of a bronze).

By associating yourself with the acquisition or restoration of artwork, putting your name behind the publication of a work or supporting all of the museum’s programming, from expositions to cultural activities, you will receive tax benefits and special visibility.

If you are a company, you will only spend €3,000 when you make a donation of €20,000:

-          companies are allowed a tax deduction of up to 60% of the donation;

-          partnership benefits worth up to 25% of your donation;

-          the final net cost is only 15% of the initial amount of the donation.

The Museum’s large permanent collections include 6,800 drawings, 4,560 works in plaster, bronze and marble as well as numerous archives.

World-renowned institutions in France and abroad request loans from these collections for their own expositions.

Their national and international influence affects your image and puts you in a positive light.

Contact au musée :
Laure Perret
Secrétaire Générale du musée Bourdelle
Mail :
Tel : 01 49 54 73 95